Thursday, August 22, 2013


A new friend.  K found her in a tiny patch of bushes in an industrial neighborhood while we were waiting for G's gymnastics class to end.  She's the tiniest and cutest lizard ever - an alligator lizard is our best guess.  My head told me to release her like a good naturalist, but my gut wanted to make sure she was safe... and once we looked up alligator lizards online and realized how many things prey upon them, I didn't have the heart to be a good naturalist.

She's scared us a few times now - so sleepy at night we thought she was dead and once so well camouflaged I was convinced that she had gotten out.  Both times I felt so guilty!!  But she was fine.  We visited several pet stores before finding one with lizard expertise and there we purchased the tiniest crickets they had.  When she ate one, all four of us cheered!  We've tried other tasty items since, but none beat her enthusiasm for crickets.

She's so cute!  That's K's hand in the picture - little Lizzy the lizard is truly tiny.  But when I put my finger in her little terrarium, she climbs right on and the girls think she is being affectionate.  OK, maybe I think it too!

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