Sunday, August 4, 2013


Late last week I realized that we had no weekend plans. Hm, I asked K, "what do you think we should do? Should we go camping somewhere?" "Let's go to Yosemite" was her prompt response, music to my ears. I checked, there was a campsite available for two nights, we invited my mom to come, threw some sleeping bags in the car with the tent and whatever food we had that would fit in the cooler, and off we went.

Mom took off for her long run on Saturday (and saw a bear). We went to a ranger program, then wandered to the Happy Isles Nature Center for the tail end of another ranger event. In all the time I've spent in Yosemite and all the times I've walked past the Nature Center, I had never before gone in. Some interesting displays, but we learned more outside, spotting an acorn woodpecker and learning what a "fen" is. As we walked together, K commented that she liked having the three of us together. "Kathmomyana," to use her description. Me too.

Merced River, below Half Dome
Evening mass in the campground was lovely. Hearing bears at night is always cool. Playing in the river and walking all Sunday morning without seeing anyone were our favorites. Well, almost. Just the fact that K asked to go was really my most favorite thing. They like being together and they like being outside in my favorite places. Life is good.
Children who hunt lizards
Climbing near Curry.
Checking out an Ansel Adams-like
camera, which was a prop for the
history show we watched.
Acorn Woodpecker
With my mom by the river

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