Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lizzy Eating - Cool-Gross Shots

We're still over-the-moon crazy about little Lizzy the lizard. I am particularly excited when I see her eat as it is of course evidence that she is thriving.

Couldn't resist these cool-gross photos of her capture of a particularly large cricket. Can't help feeling sorry for the cricket, either. But watching it sparked an interesting conversation about nature, which so often is glamorized as ideal and even in some cases deified, whereas the reality is that it can be very violent and often not imbued with the better attributes to which humans aspire. I love nature, love spending time in it, integrating it into my daily life, appreciating its beauty, and learning about its wonders. I also know that humans are called to be more and better than animals, to rise above our instincts and to seek improvement. This lesson seems pretty obvious, but worth clarifying since the all-nature perspective seems to be dominating in public consciousness of late.


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