Sunday, September 15, 2013

Macduff Meets Macduff at Macbeth

A weekend of Shakespeare! After seeing the Marin Shakespeare's production of "A Comedy of Errors" on Friday, we joined friends at SF Shakespeare's production of "Macbeth."  This was our second time seeing it, as we'd also watched it earlier this summer.  As we arrived, the girls' friends shouted, "you are in the program!" and sure enough, a photo that my mom took of K as Macduff was in the back of the program, advertising the youth programs. The production was amazing and we all got really into it, with me even getting tearful. The photo is of K with the professional Macduff. Again, she whispered, "he is better than me" as she watched him; again, my recollection in watching it was just how very good she had been.  As always, it is most awesome to watch both girls mouthing so many of the lines along with the actors; oh how we love the gory drama of this one!

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