Saturday, October 12, 2013

CA History - Back in Time: California in 1846 in Three Stops

What a day! On the road before first light and we were lucky to have no traffic all the way to Colusa, a good hour beyond Sacramento. We went for "River Days," which replicate the hunting and trapping camps commissioned by John Sutter at his Sacramento-based fort pre-1848. We went to five different stations where the interpretive folks stayed in character, describing their lives as hunters, trappers, traders, women-in-camp, or camp bosses. We then drove to Sacramento to visit Sutter's Fort, where gold was discovered in 1848. Learned a lot about Sutter and it was amazing to see the fort, too; many of the rooms of the fort are furnished appropriately and the kids had fun with a scavenger hunt that kept them focused on all of the rooms. Our final stop was in Old Sacramento to take an evening "ghost tour," which functioned as an orientation to some historical characters, known and unknown, while adding a creepy, ghostly, element. G clung to me as a few of the "ghosts" spoke; hey, I clung to her, too! All in all, a wonderful (if exhaustingly long) day!

Learning from the hunter
The women who took care of the camp
The trapper
John Sutter's emissary; the guy in charge
Showing the original CA flag;
some say the bear looked like a pig!
Sutter's Fort
Covered wagon replica - small!
Playing games from 1846 inside the fort
Fort jumping!

Stop #3 for the day: Old Sacramento
We started our nighttime ghost tour here; pretty creepy: bad acting, but good makeup!

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