Sunday, October 20, 2013


Not. Ours. Repeat after me! Not. Ours. No matter how cute, how abandoned, how sweet. Not. Ours.


This afternoon, TRYING to attack the mountain of work I can't seem to get to, K interrupted me again and this time had an irresistible reason to abandon my pretense at getting work done: "Mom, there is a mother cat outside with two kittens." What? Sure enough, over the fence, in the ivy by the creek, there was a mama cat nursing two small kittens, curled up together outside a den we'd never before noticed but can see from our back deck. We watched them for ages. And then....

We had leftover chicken in the fridge from the unusual omnivore dinner when my parents were over last weekend. Maybe if we just broke it into bits and threw it.... And then what harm could come from a plastic bowl with some milk. Oh, how adorable. They found the milk and the chicken.... Now what? Now I'm going to worry about the raccoons all night long. We think that the house that was demolished nearby must have been their home; rumor has it that the man who lived there used to feed the cats. Ay! It is late now, but perhaps we will have to notify the Humane Society in the morning.

First tiny Lizzy the lizard and now some stray cats - I am a sucker but I don't live on a farm. Not. Ours. Right? Sigh.... Photos are cute, but in person they are even cuter....

A kitten postscript. When we returned from mass, the girls were REALLY eager to see them, but they were nowhere in sight. G asked her sister to "come play doll house," encouraging her by saying, "there is a correlation between when we play doll house and when the cats come out." Shows some flaws in understanding statistics, true, but impressive language use!

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