Sunday, October 27, 2013

CA History - Mariposa Grove of Big Trees

Giant Sequoias are always impressive... and for me, always remind me of camping as a kid and being happy, dirty, sunburnt, and blackberry stained.  We had a great time.   We always do; we are a good team.  Told lots of stories of adventures with my mom because that's what comes up in the mountains and the girls noticed, with K commenting, "you sure did a lot of things with your mom."  Yep, and more to come, God willing, with K and G along and probably leading the way.  Their enthusiasm is fabulous and life can't get much better than being with them in this most-beloved place.

Cool history we learned: Galen Clark moved to Yosemite from a mining town in the mid-1800s because he'd been told that he only had a few months to live and wanted to spend his remaining time looking for the fabled big trees. He found these, lived amongst them, became Yosemite's first superintendent, and lived for another 56 years. Yosemite will do that for you.

One of the Sequoias that we saw had branches wider than Charles is tall - over seven feet!  Hard to imagine, but even the girls were impressed.

Our weekend was great, despite very cold mornings.  We woke up Saturday to 28 degree temperatures in our tent!  The good news is that this didn't dissuade my Yosemite girls; they agreed to try snow camping sometime soon.  What's another 30 degrees or so, eh?  We'll see...

Love this silly shot
The Bachelor and the Three Graces
By partial roots of one fallen giant
Gorgeous and plump (well, not skinny) coyote
My Yosemite girls!

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