Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sugar Skulls

In their Spanish class, the instructor facilitated sugar skull making. Glitter free, this time, as she is clearly wiser than I! Both girls were pretty happy with their creations and carefully carried them home. For once, we didn't ride our bikes to class, thank goodness, as drying took longer than we had to hang out.

They are funny about their creations. For example, they also made paper flowers, which they left class to proudly bring me. Each was determined to separate hers from her sister's, indicating some justifiable pride in completion. But by the time we got home (which takes no time at all), they had virtually no interest in either their sugar skulls or the paper flowers/decorative cut-outs. I tend to keep their creations in sight for a while, set them back out of sight for a while, and then, if there is no interest, make a decision about whether they are permanent treasures or temporary ones. I admire their ability to appreciate the moment of creation without feeling particular ownership to the product of that creation, which certainly helps our eternal battle with clutter.


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