Saturday, November 9, 2013

Book Club: The Phantom Tollbooth

We had fun with our activities. I posted a bunch of activity ideas on a board, mostly courtesy of LitWits and other teacher idea web sites, and allowed each kid to pick one. We created chromo graphs after listening to classical music, drew some favorite characters and talked about their characteristics, created cartoons of "threadbare excuses" for not doing chores, invented new "monsters of ignorance;" created the 12 faces of the Dodecahedron; made a list of pointless tasks for the Terrible Trivium to assign, and ate synonym buns and rigmaroles.

K's "Monster of Ignorance was "Bad Music," represented as a guitar with a very unhappy face. The kids also drew maps of the journey, discussing the lessons learned along the way. We spent time discussing the meaning imbedded in the final pages; Milo's character transformation and how he is different and happier because of his journey. Some kids were disappointed, though, that he'd never see the friends he met along the way again; fair enough - savoring life is a great message, but acting as if friends are replaceable was not a part of the message that resonated. Love their critical analysis.

Tock with his clock, "Synonym buns" and "rigamaroles"
to snack on, and a treasure box full of the alphabet and the book itself.

One of our dodecahedrons

This attempt at jello letters didn't work at all; oh well,
can't win 'em all...

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