Thursday, November 21, 2013

End of Semester Presentations

K worked with her class to create an original musical piece and performed it for us; what fun to see! She also helped to accompany another group as they performed. I am impressed that through her stoicism she's a consistent volunteer.

She was one also of only two kids willing to read their own stories out loud to the audience, which again impressed me as I don't know if I'd have the nerve to do that. I keep hiding the book I wrote last summer from those interested in reading it because I it never feels quite ready. I need to model K's own confidence. (She sure does love the story that she created, which is about a man who is drawn reluctantly into a wrestling competition and then wins).

The afternoon was G's chance to shine in her first play ever. She was in nearly every scene and did very well in a role that required a lot of action but no words. That element disappointed her and later she expressed an interest in playing Lady Macbeth next time. When I warned her that there were a lot of lines, she said confidently, "I feed on lines." Then she added, "and every time I eat them, they taste like dust!" She paused dramatically, then, in a more normal voice said, "I should write a play!" Indeed, my awesome puppy....

K was in the play too; two roles, both done enthusiastically.  With her, I was impressed because she really hated the play itself and its dumbed-down language and content.  But she went along with the rest of the class, despite her dislike, because that's what you have to do sometimes, make the best of things.  That's a good lesson to absorb (all while pushing back for something better in the bigger picture) and I'm glad that she can pull it together and take one for the team.

Performing an original score

Reading her story to musical accompaniment
Just before the performance: K is "Ben Gunn" and "Old Blind Pew"and G is "Blackie"

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