Friday, November 1, 2013

Macbeth and the Three Weird Sisters

During the day, Macbeth had only one weird sister, but at night, the other freakish two came out, too.  The idea was G's; her original intent was that Daddy be Macbeth.  But K quickly claimed that role and we didn't argue - how can you argue that Charles makes a very weird sister?  Ike became a character Shakespeare never intended, the bloodied-by-battle dog.   (That "blood" doesn't come off fur easily, BTW.  We now have a pink Labrador!)  I don't usually do costumes, but when G offered to do my makeup, who could resist.  I think she did a pretty awesome job!

Happy All-Saint's Day!  A wonderful day to celebrate saints known and unknown.

And a special thank you to Trish for encouraging Charles to dress up as a construction worker and come to that Halloween dance 15 years ago today.  Wish I still had that firefighter's helmet. 

15 years!!

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