Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tiger Kitty

A bit ago, I posted pictures of the adorable stray cats that took up residence in an outdoor den by the creek behind our house. I couldn't leave a nursing mom without food and so started buying cat food and cream for them, against my better/more frugal judgment.

Tiger kitty has become a regular part of our family routine - he meows at me first thing in the morning when I peer off our back deck and continues until I approach with food, when he runs almost right up to me. He has almost forgotten that he is supposed to be afraid, but Mama cat still snarls and hisses and once spit - we think (it sounded like a popping noise).

Yesterday, we noticed Tiger sitting on the porch below us and so rigged a long string to our railing for him to play with. A bit of yarn at the end perfected his toy and we have spent lots of time watching him and laughing. A good pre-holiday relaxation activity while the veggies roast and the pasta cooks. Pies next!

Ike, by the way, has proved himself again "the best dog in the world." This morning while I fed the skittish cats, he stayed about ten feet away, obediently not moving, but watching carefully. He definitely deserves a special Thanksgiving treat!

I'm dangling the toy.  K took the photo.

Too cute!

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