Friday, November 22, 2013

CA History - Touring Mission San Juan Bautista

What a cool location! Off the beaten path and very fascinating - we had a tour of a location that truly represents history from multiple perspectives, starting with the Ohlone, then the Spanish, Mexican, and Americans. It was a busy hub for each culture - the Ohlone hunted in the nearby marshes, the Spanish built the Mission, the Mexicans Californios left ranching practices, and for the early Americans, this was a busy stagecoach stop with a hotel and other busy businesses nearby. History is rarely idyllic and this location was no exception, but nonetheless the history represented there was interesting and the remaining artifacts remain beautiful.

"Chinese Lanterns"
A stagecoach owned by William Ralston.  The girls were
Inside an old hotel.  Felt very creepy and not someplace
you'd want to be at night.

More climbing
Mission church
Our guide Marcos explains how the terrain has changed
since the Ohlone lived here without other cultures.
Learning about Spanish history,
the girls get a fit of giggles about something.
G poses as a Mexican woman of wealth, bossing
around a vaquero
Billed as "perhaps the first log
cabin in CA."  An example of how the
earliest Americans lived.
Posing as an American miner with friend.
I love textures.  From the garden.
Utterly cool!  Many of the tiles in the church were left
to dry long ago and animals left their prints.  We did track
identification at church - a real first!
In the cemetery
Friends checking out the view from the cemetery
A font for holy water.  Isn't it sweet?
I rounded the corner to this unexpected
sight - G praying with a friend.  Impressed, I told Charles about it.
He told me that last year at Rel Ed classes he'd often find
her kneeling and praying like this, often leading the
class in doing so, independent from adult direction.  Wow!

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