Monday, November 4, 2013

Valley Verde Day

Valley Verde is our permaculture class, which we follow with an afternoon of outdoor exploration. Got a bit mucky this time, which was great fun.
Approaching the site of the class; gorgeous morning walk!
Girls with power tools fixing the garden box; well done!

Finishing planting

Afterward, down near the bottom of the
nearly-dry pond.  It was spooky-feeling, being
below what is normally the water's surface, seeing things half
buried beneath dried muck
Not all of the muck was dry; G took two steps
and had each shoes sucked off
immediately.  K saved them, a feat that took
some strength as they were almost completely
buried.  The effort was in pursuit
of plaster casts of animal prints in the
muck, which turned out to be a very cool
project, even if the muck was both cloying
and smelly.
The rescued shoes need a bath and more!

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