Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Advent Prepping

We finally went to get our tree. G had been at her most persistent, asking me each day many times whether we could go today. I like to wait for as close to Cmas as possible; it seems to make the holiday magic last longer. She wanted to launch a full celebration sooner. I admire her situational leadership, micromanaging through persistent reminders in this case until she gets what she wants.

We usually go to a tree farm, but I had early meetings throughout the week and we were low on time. We decided to check out the local tree lot first, but found it incredibly overpriced. Home Depot around the corner had cheaper ones, albiet not quite as tall as we liked. I left the final decision to K, since she was most set on a really tall tree and eventually she did approve the one that we got, though it is only an eight-footer.

We used extra branches for our Advent wreath. Why is it so hard to find purple and pink candles? In the end, we used colored tissue to decorate the bottoms of white candles. Not perfect, but the effect with the cross-shaped candle holder I bought in Peru so many years ago is lovely. It amuses and amazes me to be sharing this now with my wonderful girls when I knew them only as a whisper of love in my heart at the time of my purchase.

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