Friday, December 13, 2013

At the Tech: Special Star Wars Exhibit and More

It was one of those days when I was very appreciative of being a homeschooler. We arrived amidst a gaggle of school groups. Like the others, we were assigned a docent to introduce us to the exhibit and he included instructions such as "don't stick your gum on the displays" in his overview. Do children really do that or do adults have such horridly low expectations? Either way, we were appalled (and a bit offended, frankly).

We were shuffled into the exhibit and immediately I wanted to get OUT. Too many people, too many challenges to even see what was on display. I hung in there, thankfully, because that crowded enthusiasm didn't last long. The school groups seemed to almost run through the exhibit, attaching attention to a few interactive items briefly, but vacating faster than I could absorb all that was in each room. The crowds lasted but minutes in each room and the entire exhibit must have been experienced by them for 30 minutes or less. By comparison, with our dual luxuries of time and small size, we were able to stay for nearly three hours.  Gratitude!

Interesting exhibit, combining movie history with "tv magic" and actual science. The kids played with programming, using magnets to design trains that ran, city planning when resources are limited, and more. Later, we enjoyed a movie about space, projects involving genes, and more. The best part was relaxing fun time with friends. Thanks, Cynthia, for inviting us!


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