Monday, December 23, 2013

Bethlehem A.D.

Along with seeing NDNU's musical production of A Christmas Carol, which is a free toys-for-tots fundraiser, attending Bethlehem A.D. is a favorite free-and-amazing local tradition. A Christian church nearby turns a vacant lot into Bethlehem, with live animals, people in costume, and a living nativity scene. It is noisy and crowded and yet so well done it is fun and worthwhile. We went this year with our friend Kathleen, which made it especially wonderful; she'd never been before and was impressed.

Signing in after paying taxes to Roman officials
Getting to cuddle with one of the live animals; baby goats were also a favorite.
Live (and huge!) camel.  Nearby, there were three
fake camels that appeared to be staring at a large
cow.  The cow looked nervous and we joked that she was
saying, "hey, why do you keep staring at me!?"

Dramatic nativity scene
They let the girls approach the baby and parents
this year and it was so sweet to watch them
go together, then return huddled in conversation.

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