Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Crafts

Finally, some crafts. I admitted when doing them that I actually do not much like crafting and K asked, "then why?" Good question with a combination of answers that we discussed: I think that G likes it (thought she is of late loathe to admit it, given big sister's influence) and I do like spending time creating something of beauty and purpose as gifts, however modest. In any case, we had fun together and created some nice items to give as gifts along with sweet treats that we also made together.

Thinking about and taking action on behalf of others - an important Advent tradition that I try to be especially intentional about. It is just too easy to get caught up in an "I am too busy" reality that distracts from what is most important. This season, I realized that I am bored of feeling overwhelmed with busy-ness and resolved to be intentional about NOT being busy. As people spoke about this "busy season," I countered with my own "slower season" intentions and it really helped. Sure, I left much undone... packages that won't get mailed until after Christmas day and cards that may or may not get out, but I've still got many days until Christmas is over and if they don't get out, life goes on....


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