Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Monterey Bay Aquarium Homeschool Day

Love free days; appreciate friends who spend the time online booking the tickets on the first day available to do so before they sell out and then share them with us. (Thanks, Cynthia!)

The trip there was great; I love days of adventure and fun when I don't have to rush back for any particular reason. We had fun inside and out; for the first time, we saw a sea otter in the bay just off the aquarium, looking just as amazingly cute as his/her friends inside the tanks. We were also especially enchanted with the jellfish display, even getting the chance to design our own to dance across a screen to funky music. When there were no kids busy with their designs, I snuck on myself. :-)

Three or four (??) friends clumped together, watching
the effects of waves on tidepools.
Touching the bat rays.
Jellyfish play; mine and Ks up, I believe.

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