Friday, December 20, 2013

My Gymnast

She loves her gymnastics class.  Most parents call it "living hell" because pick up and drop off is hot and crowded, but she loves it.  This day she won a contest within her class to determine who could hang on to the beam the longest.  She also made it to the top of the rope climb!  Later, telling Abuela and Grandpa about it, they compared her to Aunt Monica, who had records for her flexed arm hangs.  I pointed out that no one remembers me - I didn't quite hang on as long as Monica, but I still beat most other kids in our summer fitness program long ago by a minute or more. But second place - who cares?

I usually don't get to see her at gymnastics, since I am still at work when she finishes.  But this week I got off early and headed over.  The crowds are indeed hellish, but her reaction to seeing me was totally worth it.  Across the crowded gym her eyes made contact with mine and I felt a jolt of love between us as she smiled and signed "I love you" across the room.  For the rest of her class, she kept looking to see if I was watching and I kept watching and smiling, amazed at being blessed with the love of such an incredible funny, thoughtful, brilliant, strong, caring and affectionate kid.  My heart was bursting with love when she finished her class and jumped into my arms and my glow continued as I watched her organize her belongings to leave.  How grateful I am to be her mom.

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