Tuesday, February 4, 2014

African American Quilts

We had a marvelous workshop on the history and creation of African American quilts and learned a lot, including the role that quilts played in the underground railroad AND the fact that this undocumented history is widely disputed.  I love the cleverness and the historic intrigue, beauty and functionality amidst terror and a horrifying situation.

Seeing the gorgeous quilts ALMOST inspired me to want to sew.  If only it weren't, you know... sewing!  But being almost-inspired did remind me of the first quilt I made, when I was eight years old and preparing for my new baby sister.  I was inspired by reading the Little House on the Prairie books and their description of patch work quilts and I began my own, adding insulating foam that I purchased myself for $0.99 at a local fabric store.  (Dad came with me, so that Mom stayed in the dark, part of the surprise being for her.)  Spending that money was a big deal for me, as was finishing it just as my sister came home from the hospital.  I wonder what happened to that thing...


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