Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Madama Butterfly

We attended the dress rehearsal for the San Jose Opera's production of Madama Butterfly; it was a visually beautiful, incredibly performed show.  The very best part was seeing one of our seven-year old friends on stage as "Trouble," the main character's son.  He had a dramatic entrance that brought tears to my eyes and then did an excellent job in a non-singing role that was both physically and mentally demanding, standing perfectly still for a long period of time, being focused on stage during the singing, and then doing dramatic silent acting when he discovers his stage mother dead.  We were screaming with excitement during the stage bows and it was a thrill to hear the audience's applause swell when it was his turn to bow.  Unfortunately, we couldn't find him afterward - I didn't know where the stage doors were - so our picture is "just" of the girls by the theater sign.  Incredible experience!

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