Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thinkering Day Fun

Our day of classes has begun again for the spring and is quickly in full swing. Here are some photos from a fun day: G's science class with Charles, which is a huge hit with the kids learning physics while literally screaming with excitement; Ike's perspective on G's pottery class; K in robotics; and both girls having fun with theater.

K's hat is part of the costume she decided to adopt for the day.  They both began the day as archeologists - "but not the kind that sit at desks, the kind who escape booby traps!"  She must have really thought she looked cool, 'cause she didn't take it off all day. I agreed that she looked, in her words, "awesome."  :-)

The last photo is courtesy of a dad who was present, sharing his incredible photography skills.

Which ball will hit the ground first?

Experiments with motion

Ike hangs with the pottery class

Playing "here and there" in drama class

Archeologists learn robotics

Nice!  Our beautiful (inside and out) and very cool DD!  Thanks for the photo, David!

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