Friday, February 7, 2014

Valle Verde: Frogs and Rain

A really fun day in the rain.  We had an expert from the National Wildlife Federation come in and talk with us about building frog shelters; we learned why they are threatened and how biologists think we might be able to help.  We looked at our creek and the surrounding areas differently afterward.

For me, I especially loved being outside in the rain.  We were pretty chilled by the end of the day, especially G, who insisted on being out in just a cotton t-shirt.  But it was lovely despite the discomfort, and reminded me that I need to be out more often.  My soul needs it.

Exploring Native American (Ohlone) grinding stones; cool!

Wet but gorgeous (scenery and daughter)

Silly hat day!

Frog life cycle model

Working on the frog shelters

Excitement at finding a newt*

Walking back to the car
*  We LOVED this facilitator.  She was still with us when we found the newt and jumped out of the car to check it out.  Like our favorite naturalist, David Herlocker, she explained that her attitude is not "look, don't touch," but "touch with caution."  She admitted that many of her colleagues would disagree, which is ironic, considering how most of us developed our love of nature.  It wasn't through reading about it!

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