Sunday, February 23, 2014

What We Get Out of Mass

We had a lot of objections to going to mass this morning; some vocal (the girls) and others unexpressed (grownups).  As mentioned before, our parish lacks enthusiasm and it makes being there tedious at best.  I'm trying to find God in the space that exists between my expectations and what is delivered and today decided to include the girls also in my experiment:  could  they find one thing good about the experience?  (I even offered an award.)

I found my one as soon as we walked in - a singable and joyful song.  (I don't need much).

K stuck to the "one thing" requirement and said, "it was time to be with you, Mama."  (I'm a sucker).

G's list was more immediate and inspired; we all learned from it.  I started scribbling on a scrap of paper as soon as she started talking so that I got them all:

1.  I get to talk to God.
2.  I get to hold God's hand.
3.  I get to tell God what I am feeling.
4.  Everything that I am worried about washes away.
5.  I get to talk with Mary.
6.  I get to hold Mary's hand.
7.  I get to talk with God without anyone else knowing what I am saying.

I think she's coming up with more.  Stay posted!

Why not just skip it?  We asked each other this question and there are so many practical answers - teaching kids about commitment, about what it means to be Catholic.  But on a deeper scale, it is because finding God in the secular, seeking what is holy when it isn't apparent, an orienting ourselves to that which is good is an important practice, one that will inform our experience within the rest of our lives. 

I am lucky.  In addition to a tune or two I liked, I got to sit next to a dear one who has a ready ability to do just what I struggle with.  I need to learn a lot more from her....

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