Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Dog Birthday Party

It was actually a party for a ten-year old human, a good friend and lovely person.  But I suspect that Ike thought that it was a party for him - he got a bath beforehand, got to attend, got lots and lots of attention, and received many, many T R E A T S, one of only two words he can spell.  He even won two awards, one for being friendliest (he is a love) and one for being most obedient (he managed to show off bilingual skills and more tricks than I knew he had).  Memorable because it is probably the first and last time Ike will ever get a reward and because we all had such a very fun time. 

Posing - at Abuela and Grandpa's new house
Charles tries to show Ike what he is supposed to do on the agility course
K tried patiently until he finally went through the hoop.  Twice. 
Handsome dog with awards
G with her "pup cakes," a really fun kid activity
K with hers; not surprised that this animal lover had a blast.

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