Thursday, March 20, 2014

Book Club: Where The Mountain Meets the Moon

Great fun with activities (making a compass, drawing dragons to live, sorting through the symbolism of elements of the book, and drawing Chinese characters); eating a Chinese feast; discussing what the book was really about, and taking a "journey" through various stations in which symbols from the book were found or cast aside.  Our "book detectives" discussion about what the book was really about ended up with different, but related, conclusions:  faith, home, love.  Included in the discussion was a very interesting conversation about what makes a good friend and the conclusions were:  generosity, kindness, and loyalty.  Great day!

Watching cork with magnetized needles begin to move and orient north
K and G organize our display table: goldfish, dragon, King, Minli, and more

This wasn't easy! Matching the symbol to the book passage required knowledge of Chinese culture

One of the journey activity stations, courtesy of the author's web site

Reaching for the next symbol

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