Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fun Sunday

It began with a birthday party for a six year old who plays one of the weird sisters in Macbeth. Crowded into a festive drawing of a party balloon it reads, "when shall we meet again, in frosting, sprinkles, or in candles?" Will should be flattered!

After the party, the girls and three friends ended up down by the creek, where they discovered fish.  Oh sure, I thought, nice little minnows.  When K told me, "no, they are THIS BIG" I laughed, thinking she had gone for the fishing stereotype.  But then I saw them and indeed they were each about five or six inches long, much bigger than I'd have expected from our little creek.

These are the same kids who, digging fossils from a kit, decided that it made more sense to start a museum and charge repeated entry fees to view their fossils than it did to simply sell them, so it came as no real surprise when they decided to sell the fish.  Well, try.  Fish in baggies.  Sign taped to a broom.  Shouting children hawking their wares.  Quite a bit of interest, but no takers... later in the sales process, they decided to re-market the fish as "bait," but the corner wasn't the best venue for those with an interest in fishing, alas!  Awesome fun afternoon, though!

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