Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy Ash Wednesday

We got up early for mass and they are such dedicated Catholics that they were excited and eager to do so.  Ha, ha, ha!  Not quite.  I actually got them there with little complaint by bribing them with an very un-Ash-Wednesday-like promise of a breakfast out afterward (and a threat to cancel if they didn't behave in Mass.)  They are still below the age of mandatory fasting and I saved money by just getting coffee, so all was good.

And these faces!  In the midst of a thoughts related to the homily on sacrifice, mortality, and the seriousness of Lent, my grateful thoughts kept returning to these adorable faces and the fabulously funny, thoughtful, sweet, interesting, and lovely people they are.  I treasure days like these, off-routine moments that spark appreciation and a feelings that I am bursting with overwhelming love for them.

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