Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Half B... to y...

I forgot to make a half birthday cake for the actual half birthday, so we were late, but didn't want the occasion to pass.  I softened butter for a cake, but then she said, "no, I want an ice cream cake!"  Much harder to make a half-version of, but I did, with the help of a folded manilla envelope, of all things.  And both regular candles and one split in half, of course1

Later, in one of our whispered middle-of-the-night conversations, I told her, "I was surprised that you wanted an ice cream cake."  She responded sleepily, sweetly, "I wanted you to have a piece," knowing that I prefer ice cream to cake.  Awww...  She's a truly great person, worth celebrating in some form every single day.

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