Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rain Delights

When I was a kid, my friends' parents used to say, "stay out of the rain or you'll catch a cold."  My mom didn't believe that, though, and I usually got very wet whenever it rained, walking both directions to school every day in every type of weather.  I was healthy, too,of course. And blessed with a legacy that has kept me out in every weather, delighting both in the lack of people and in the emergence of new animal life.  One memorable time was when Mom and I tromped through Algonquin Provincial Park outside of Toronto and saw moose, deer, and even a beaver at close view.  Another was the three solid days of rain we experienced when backpacking in Chilean Patagonia.  Being sodden day and night got admittedly tiresome after a while!

Once, stuck in school without outdoor recesses for long days during an usually long rainy spell, I remember conspiring with another third grader to ask for a bathroom pass. We walked sedately under the awnings to the bathroom, but then then ran joyously through the rain back to the classroom, not realizing until we walked up the steps that the teacher and the aid were both at the window watching.  They didn't say much and I was left with the memory of that joyful run.  How many times I've done long runs in the rain since!

K's baseball game got cancelled today due to the rain and that resulted in some grumpiness which I decided to counter with a walk in the rain.  There is much about our town's location that leaves me gasping for more outdoor space, but today we focused on the delight of details: emerging spring flowers, drops of water on the leaves, and these fabulous kids out playing.  Wet.  Cold.  And healthy.  Of course.

Dogwoods remind me of Yosemite... and their religious symbolism is perfect for Lenten reflection.
Delightful details

Lavender above our creek

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