Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter: Treasure Hunt

Our Easter Egg hunt evolved to a treasure hunt a few years ago and we had fun with it today!  12 activities, each leading to the next, somewhat flawed with my lack of good penmanship and misplacement of one item, but still it worked in the end.

Looking for eggs; each had candy and a puzzle piece that they had to assemble for the next clue.

The back of the puzzle led to a magazine; the picture on the indicated page had another clue.

Finding the next clue, which said, "rhymes with rake," which they figured out led to the hideout of our garden snake

Pondering the next step.  They had to unscramble words, which led to the tomato plants, then remember a biblical fact, which led to a statue of an angel, then a solve an easy rhyme that led to the tub, then into the closet:

From there, they had to use a word from different indicated pages in a magazine, which led to a drawer; then a historical reference led to a clue under a candle, then a popcorn reference to the microwave and then the freezer.

The coded message in the microwave was solved with the code found in the freezer; success!

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