Thursday, April 17, 2014

Science Dad: Heat and More Experiments Making Candy

I took this after I heard one of the students say, "what, Ike, do you want to learn, too?"  He's always right there with whatever is going on...

The topic today was more about heat and temperature and there was work with thermometers and heating pads and more.  Then one student said, "what would happen to the temperature if we stuck our feet in that bowl of ice water?" and they proceeded to find out, with huge smiles all around.

Measuring the power of body temperature.  Experiments with human subjects; wow!  :-)

We had to reschedule the art class that follows this one, so Science Dad got two full hours again.  The second hour was spent demonstrating the different effects of various temperatures in candy making.  I read a scientific study once that said that sugar does not in fact give kids that crazy high we associate with it, that it is the environment.  We saw that today, in an unintended consequence bit of learning - they were crazed with excitement long before the candy was even made.  Here three of them are pulling salt water taffy (made sans food coloring, hence the more natural color).

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