Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Science, Pottery, and Shakespeare

Today in science:  energy: potential, thermal, and chemical.  More concocting cool contraptions and then blasting things sky high!

Also, fun with pottery... with a new project and previous ones, which I filled with lavender from the yard that morning!  Don't they look lovely?  The flowers, pots, and especially the artist! :-)

Portrait of the artist:

She's pretty cool; later in the day, the SF Shakespeare teachers asked for a volunteer to lead the group through a long section of the play.  This photo is of G in her volunteer role, completely nonplussed by the age difference between she (6) and the oldest kids (11).  I never had that confidence about anything; so I am super impressed.

Finally, here is one of Macbeth, being told that "his" wife is dead and then launching into his soliloquy:  "She should have died hereafter, there would have been a time for such a word...."

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