Thursday, April 3, 2014

Valley Verde: Baby Turtles, Tadpoles, and Rain

The photos tell the story - a rich day in the rain, discovering new and old treasures. The frogs we saw a month ago are not to be found and we only spotted one newt, but tadpoles are abundant and G was determined to catch one... and she did (several, in fact).

I was more interested in the turtles and was very satisfied when I spotted one mid-pond, but super thrilled when one of our friends caught one, so small it was literally smaller than a quarter. Our facilitator said that it was an endangered species; so special to get to see it!

The job of our teacher this day was to teach us to care for our seedlings, which both girls had little to no interest in doing. Instead, they hunted for tadpoles and G recruited me as her partner, silently and persistently stalking them until she met with success. Reminded me of my own mom and how she taught me to catch frogs on the banks of the lake at Camp Mather. (Now they have signs up there banning such activity, more's the pity!)

Tadpole hunting
Lovely buttercup holding rain drops
Love this face!

Giving the teacher just a bit of courtesy time before getting back to business

Teensy, teensy, turtle!

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