Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Coastal Adventures

The girls were extras on a movie set; a teen who has won multiple awards for his productions needed a group of kids to react in a movie theater.  Took a while, which was a good experience, getting a sense for the hard work that goes into movie making.

Afterward, we had a fun cast party and then the three of us hit the road, up to visit Uncle Mike, Aunt Terry, and Puck's dog mama and two of his brothers.  Corey and Tori were there too, which was our plan, to get to see them a bit while they were in CA.  A fun trip, a quick trip (though K says that it is a "crime" to go for such a short time). 

Love you Uncle Mike and Aunt Terry!

Choco, Murphy, and Puck watching mama Delaney in the water. 

First time on a paddle board.  The water was cold - glad no one fell off!

I love these wonderful adventurers!

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