Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mission Mural Tour

The kids designed a completed their own mural a few weeks ago; now it was time to tour a small part of the Mission district and see some of the other murals that are part of the fabric of the neighborhood.  A great tour, mostly in Spanish with some English explanations for those of us slow with the second language.  He covered the art as well as cultural, political, and religious elements of the murals.  Just in this short tour we learned so much and it made me want to see more....

A "mestizo" Christ

In this one, a pastoral scene includes layers of human bodies, enriching the soil.

In an alley full of murals.  Lovely to celebrate the human capacity to seek and create beauty.

In this one, of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the flowers spill over onto a pole that holds up a street sign.  Love this!

Colors!  Textures, too, caused by thick drips of paint and decrepit wood as the canvas.

Love this look of enduring beauty and meaning amidst neglect

The face replaced a previous image; the eyes up close are symbols of war and peace.

Getting into the art!

The talent behind these is amazing, with such rough canvas especially

Another one where the jumble of colors makes it appear as if the viewer and the art are one and the same.

The peeling paint behind these two seem to add to the beauty.  We had been told that street art is considered temporary art, not expected to last, and that knowledge added a poignancy to the decay that is part of the beauty.

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