Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Yosemite: Day Four - Town Hall Meeting

The key to this living history experience is engaging kids (and adults) in ongoing critical thinking about the ongoing issues related to competing interests in national parks.  Should they be isolated wilderness spaces?  How many amenities should be added for access to the public?  What about resource management - i.e dams?  Having visited many national parks, I've seen different approaches even within the same system and they reflect an ongoing public dialogue about this important topic.

The kids each took the reflection activity that they did in the meadow the day before and presented it to the group, then a ranger facilitated a Town Hall discussion about resource management, with the kids, still in character, presenting different perspectives.  Great activity, facilitating both critical thinking in general and specific thinking about our beloved national parks.

Costumes are crumbling a bit, but they are engaged in the discussion

The Guardians

Early People


Living Services

A close up of Galen Clark, Thomas Ayers, and George Anderson (Early People)

Inside the barn with Ranger John

Our nametags
Great experience, wonderful learning.  I loved history growing up, but imagine how much more I could have learned in a living history context.  Well, I'm learning now, finally getting my education.  :-)

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