Monday, May 5, 2014

Yosemite: Day Two

Ranger Chris was great; she gave us two classes, one on Flora and Fauna and one on Geology.  She even included a hike and went nearly an hour over the allotted time for us.  I loved her style of asking questions, which eliminated redundancies for our eclectic group of learners, but after the first 45 minutes one nine-year-old friend did warn her, "long lectures make this group irritated."  She took it in good stride and was a great presenter; good info, good humor.  We really appreciated her time and expertise and the setting made our day really unforgettable!

Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls: spectacular!

She asked to have her photo taken here
We speak of "homeschooling" and "custom schooling" but nothing beats the view of National Park Schooling!
What a place to learn about geology and the composition of granite!

We walked back through the little-viewed Yosemite cemetery, where some of the historic characters we will portray are buried

The evening got chilly... then it poured rain in the night.  The good news: no bears.  The bad news: our one-season tent leaks!

Nice to have Mom with us.  She was smart and went home before the rains

Bundled up and having a blast

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