Thursday, June 26, 2014

CA History and Summer Fun in the Mountains

Our backpacking trip with my Mom was derailed by bad weather that didn't show up when I checked from home. My goal is to have the girls love backpacking and getting soaked and freezing cold at 10,000 feet didn't seem aligned with that goal. So we had a marvelous time camping, instead.

We spent the first night at Jenkinson Lake, near Pollock Pines, south of Tahoe, then headed over the Carson Pass, where we encountered more California History - a likeness of a tree carved by Kit Carson, who navigated this pass with John Fremont on the first government expedition to California just before John helped incite the Bear rebellion. We had learned all about John from his wife Jessie Benton Fremont, portrayed by G. during our Yosemite history and prep. It was neat to see exactly where he crossed, knowing that Jessie was back in D.C. anticipating his move and bringing his trip to life with an elaborate map laid out before Congress.

This photo was taken above Red Lake, just east of the Carson Pass. Everyone is looking startled because K is "falling off." Silly girls and Abuela; love it! And yes, it was freezing even just from the parking lot at this vista point.

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