Sunday, June 1, 2014

Home Run!

Last month, I got a teaching award at our university's graduation.  It was a heady experience, standing in front of thousands of people and seeing my own graduating students give me a standing ovation.  I've never had a standing ovation for me before and because I admire and care for them so, it was a moment that was deeply meaningful for me.

However, seeing K hit a home run at this game was an experience at least as awesome.  She is a solid player and she works so hard.  This year she has had some close calls that went against her, some outs that progressed the team, but sent her back to the dugout.  She's been disappointed, but keeps working hard, which is what is important in terms of character and life skills, far more than winning.  But still, let's face it, it IS nice to win.

When she got up at bat, I admired the determined intensity in her face, a look she always gives when at bat.  When she hit that ball and it flew, flew, flew far into the outfield with the boys from the other team scrambling after it, everyone started screaming.  She ran the bases easily and somewhere between second and third I started crying for joy.  (She said later that she could tell, but I had sunglasses on, so I think she just enjoys calling me a wimp.  Which I am not!  An admitted total geek, though....)  It was also fantastic to see her joy back in the dugout, with all of the boys on her team cheering, hugging, and slapping her helmet.  Just such an incredibly fantastic experience.  Love this awesome, hard working girl so much.

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