Saturday, June 28, 2014

Markleyville Campground

We loved discovering Markeyville, a tiny and cute town in Alpine County, which has the logo, "just two people per square mile."  Love, love, love it.  The campground is a stunning site, idyllic amongst birch and pine trees, high grasses, and pink, purple, and yellow wildflowers (sweet peas, lupine, and wild roses, among others).  Set next to a beautiful stream that we could hear all night, especially once the wind died down.  Great place to relax and play, plus use as a jumping off point for local hikes.

I love this series of photos of the girls.  They were playing in the middle of the stream on a rock and at first, singing at the top of their lungs (first photo).  Then they got silly-serious.  Then (my favorite), they looked at each other for inspiration about what to do next.  I got the smiling camaraderie of that moment in the third photo below.

Between the tents.  Mom wanted us further away the second night, as we apparently laugh too loudly while we are reading together at night.  :-)

Fire starting training - the triangular sticks way

K in the bear box (seeking shelter from the wind), trying unsuccessfully to get a fire started with flint and steel.


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