Monday, June 9, 2014

Park Day

Ugh, a really rotten final baseball game ended the playoffs on Saturday.  Bad umpire calls that went against them combined with having nearly everyone just not play very well made for an unfortunate ending to the season.  Unfortunate not because of the loss, which is life, but because it is hard not to be at your best when it is your last game for a while.  K was really upset all weekend following the game.

The Friday night game was wonderful (if forgotten after Saturday).  They actually lost, but played so well they didn't quite realize it.  Afterward, the person in charge of snacks had ordered pizza and it hadn't arrived yet.  Waiting, the kids started a pickup game with their own fun rules and really played baseball - full of love and energy and fun - in a way all of their practice hadn't quite allowed.  Some of the players opted for the playground or sibling's scooters, but not K... she can't get enough baseball.

Park day on this Monday was a perfect diversion and great to see friends we don't see often enough.  I used to go to this park when I was preschool aged and still miss some of the old playground structures, though the remodeled version is definitely better.  This distance shot is of the girls at the top of a massive rope web; later, the friends we had come to see scattered on lower levels of it.  Great day and we so appreciate the chance to see friends.

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