Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Learning: Research

The stray cat who lives nearby may be pregnant and the girls must have wanted to learn more, because before I knew it, they were asking, "what are mammary glands?" "What are you looking at?" was my surprised response. They had done their own research and were reading a web site. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I began to challenge them to find facts that would keep them practicing the skill of research and they had fun surprising me with information... that is, until they realized that they'd been distracted from their purpose and left to see if they would find the cat and check out her nipples, which are apparently a sign of pregnancy. Tiger cat wasn't cooperating, but I had to appreciate their practical approach, combining disclosed facts with observation and thus applying important critical thinking skills. (When you look, it is amazing the unplanned, unsupervised learning that you see!)

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