Friday, June 13, 2014

You Can't Pay Me To Read

A while ago, to encourage K to read more, I offered to pay her to read to her sister.  (My mom used to pay me to listen to my siblings read.  Not much - I think I got $.10 for 30 minutes!  I think that's about what I make at my paid academic job now, come to think of it... but that's another story.) 

However, for K, the money wasn't motivating; I literally couldn't pay her to read.  But, showing further evidence that we all do things relatively effortlessly when ready and self-motivated, I recently spotted the scene pictured below.  Now she is reading for the joy of it, for free.  Away from adult commentary judgement, or motivation.  Much better, of course.

And, considering how much they have been bickering lately, this scene warmed my heart for the sheer coziness of it too.  Sisters, friends, co-conspirators.

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