Thursday, July 3, 2014

CA History: Historic Trees

Well, the "historic trees" were really beside the point.  We got a last minute invitation to hike with friends in the SF Presidio and had lots of fun just being there together.  But we passed signs declaring that the eucalyptus forest was "historic," built by the army in the 1880s, so why not call it "CA History?"  The kids are playing in an enormous and awesome wigwam someone built in the forest, apparently just for fun.  

Notice G's awesome hair cut?  She wanted it and I took the opportunity of horridible snarls in her hair to oblige.  Next time I came home from work I greeted her with, "hello gorgeous," as usual, and she said happily, "I think that you really mean it this time!"  Always, really, inside and out... but I am glad that she likes it too.  Makes her look so much older - gasp!

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