Sunday, August 24, 2014

49er Game at New Stadium

A friend gave us tickets to the 49ers preseason game against the Chargers and it was fun to see the new stadium.  It looks like an airport terminal with a drinking problem - very elegant and with alcohol (bars) everywhere.  And cost-prohibitive!  Yikes - $720 just for the four of us to get in the door.  We didn't buy anything inside, needless to say!

The girls must bring the 'Niners luck, as they won.  Yeah!  The girls will always be able to say that they saw the first 'Niner touchdown ever in the new stadium.

Fun family Sunday after a family Saturday of togetherness organizing the garage and craft closet.  The Saturday was less glamorous, but it did feel good to get it done... next step: swapping the linen closet for the science cabinet.  A week until school starts again!

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