Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Birthday Celebration

We've moved, lately, from birthday gatherings to celebratory family outings, which cost less and resonate better in this family of (mostly) introverts.  G gave great thought to what she wanted to do for her bday - she's been talking about it since April! - and ended up deciding to pick blackberries, which was wonderful fun, capturing for me the very essence of summer and of childhood.  The birthday mom proved the biggest child of all, picking happily after the others lost interest and the birthday girl was happy all day having simple fun together, eating burritos for dinner, and choosing to go to bed early to read the fabulous book we are almost done with.  

Up next?  Baking marathons, then freezing pies for the holidays....

Awesome bday girl!  Love her so much!

Fun in the pool.  Her specific request - to swim with me, so I had to overcome my dislike of cold, over-chlorinated water.  Worth it; we had a blast!

It is "big sister day" too.  And the bday girl only wanted to go if we could take Puck, who was happy to oblige.

S'mores around the campfire; does life get any better?

Blackberry mess = joy.

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