Sunday, August 24, 2014


Woke me at 3:25AM; I could hear the glass in the windows rattling and the cause was immediately clear.  I lay there, wondering if I should wake the girls, but then it was over.  It woke Charles too and K opened her eyes for a moment, but fell back to sleep.  G and the dogs didn't move a muscle. 

Good to know that this house, one of the oldest in California, can withstand a decent-sized earthquake.  Friends in the north bay had huge messes in their homes as things fell out of cabinets and broke and we're glad everyone seems to be okay.

(The girls tell me that next time, I should definitely wake them up... they didn't like knowing they'd missed the action!  Good Californians.  My grandfather slept through the 1906 earthquake (though later his house was destroyed in the fire), so I guess it is in their bones.)

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