Thursday, August 7, 2014

More Wildlife: Kittens and Fauns

It feels urban/suburban here, but the wild baby mammals were out in droves this week, or so it seems. We caught one of the feral kittens and held it until it relaxed in our arms; so sweet. His wild mama watched us from nearby, napping... she's never really let us pet her, but must trust us with her kiddo.

This faun I saw just a few blocks away... and right in front of me.  The next day, we spotted a dead faun that looked like it had its neck broken just across the creek from our back porch.  Not sure what happened.  Likely, it was the course of nature, but still we were sad.  I was going to call Animal Care and Control to have it picked up, but found out that our neighbor wants to take it herself and dry the bones for her collection.  As homeschoolers with our on unique projects, I appreciate having weird neighbors (and I truly mean that as a compliment, even if the decapitated deer head she brought over one day a year or so ago was a little much.  :-)

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